History of North, SC

      The Town of North was founded ~ as many small towns in South Carolina ~ as a result of the railroad. John F. North, George W. Pou, and Sampson A. Livingston donated 100 acres to create a rail depot and town on the South Bound Railroad Company's new rail line. Mr. North was influential in bringing the railroad to the area, so the town is named after him ~ North, South Carolina.

      Rail lines brought not only new citizens to North but also telegraph lines and the lucrative cotton industry. Passenger trains ran through North on their way to Columbia, Savannah, Miami, and even New York City. Two regular trains came through North every day, carrying in freight and goods and carrying out cotton and other products.

      King Cotton was easily grown in the fertile soil around North. Until 1946, North was one of the best cotton markets in the area.  Several gins outside town baled the cotton and large mills bid for the precious product  at the Town's cotton platform.

South Bound Railroad Company made its first trip from Columbia, SC to Savannah, GA
The first business opened on the site that would become North, South Carolina



John North elected mayor of the town that took his name
The new railroad town had already grown to 300-400 people, 16 stores, and 50-75 houses
The North Journal began publication
Both the First Baptist Church of North and the First Methodist Church were founded
Dr. Ott established the first dentist office

The Bank of North was established

The first electric lights were installed
The Bell Telephone Company installed the first telephone system


North High School held its first graduation

The first three runways were constructed at the North Auxiliary Air Field

Town Hall and the Fire Station built

The North Volunteer FD contracted to operate a
county fire station located at 2478 Catalina Blvd

Town Hall renovated



The Town of North was born from the generosity of several landowners ~ particularly that of John F. North
A U.S. Post Office was established
Dr. Williams set up the first medial practice




Thomas Crumel founded the first funeral home

North's first Depot and Cotton Platform

A grammar school and high school were built on land donated by Sampson A. Livingston, one of the Town's original benefactors

The town began providing sewer service to its citizens

African-American students were able to attend a full twelve years of school

Town celebrated its Centennial

North FD Headquarters built at 719 Stafford Avenue
Dedicated as the John I. Salley Station in honor of

a long-serving member of the Fire Department

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